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OpenTAS TMS is a powerful Terminal Management System that optimizes and automates all logistic and administrative processes in terminals and refineries. It equips tank terminal operators with all the tools needed to manage their plant in an efficient, transparent and safe manner.

OpenTAS TMS enables tank farm operators to automate loading and unloading activities for all modes of transport (truck, railcar, ship, pipeline), including access control, load planning, loading and printing delivery notes. This makes it possible to operate tank farms cost-efficiently around the clock.

Most important functionalities:

  • Planning and control of product movement and product storage
  • Depot stock management dividable for each tank (own and 3rd party stock)
  • Loading and unloading of all modes of transport (truck, railcar, ship, pipeline)
  • Supports tank-to-tank movements
  • Extensive check-in controls
  • Ensured compliance to legislation and safety regulations
  • Security management (trucks and drivers)
  • Safety procedures (e.g. prevention against overloading)
  • Integration to tank gauging and SCADA systems
  • Integration with all kinds of field equipment
  • Integration of ERP and SAP systems
  • Automatic generation of product receipts and goods issued
  • Tax & customs handling (certified for EMCS 2.2)
  • Complete end-to-end supply chain management
  • Easy-to-use configurable report generator to deliver customized reports
  • Mobile access via app OpenTAS TFM

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