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SmartFarms™: Milk production application

SmartFarms™, a cloud based farm and herd management system for animal recording, productivity and peak-yield management, breeding, preventive health care, fodder management and veterinary care, powered by a powerful proactive analytics module. A complete automated solution for dairy farms.

A Smart Delivery Base: Spans to the cloud and embedding platform
Embedded side: Quick plug-in, new sensors (ease of integration), multiple sensors integrated
Cloud: Quick integration of applications, including 3rd party applications (optimisation of route, production quality, etc)

Applied to the production, procurement and cold chain: Various products available.
Various sensors fitted into the system: predictive analytics & RFID available (detection of animals' condition)

Sensors on milking machinery: Predictive maintenance
Check condition of milk, freshness, energy required.
Aim to optimise operations and other monitoring activities to maximise yield.

Animal Wearables: Fitbit for animals
Detect various aspects of animals: Infections, nutrition levels, etc

Activity Meter

Activity Meter is a cloud-based real-time animal activity monitoring for each every livestock. It helps in cattle preventive health care by lameness detection by monitoring number of standing/resting hours on a daily basis. It enables quick and accurate artificial insemination services based on heat detection and real-time notifications to para-vets. It also improves the lactation cycle management of the herd.


The herd management system is an application that helps you access farm data and anywhere using Internet-enabled devices. Various usage models are envisaged, for example- a pay-as you -go model. A separate application is provided for veterinarians to maintain livestock health records, visits, and schedules. The herd management system is a one-stop application to monitor the progeny, health, ad production record of all your livestock in a single place. Weekly and monthly reports on performance and analytics can be curated on the basis of farm data.

Milk Meter

It is world’s first cloud based, mobile engendered electronic milk meter for preventive health care, productivity monitoring and protocol adherence. It helps with online and inline measurement of Cow Milk Conductivity, Yield, Temperature and milk let-down flow rate in near real time. It is the first Automatic/ Electronic Milk Meter produced indigenously. It is also suitable for small herd size (10-cows and lower herd size). When coupled with the SmartMoo™ solution suite, the overall solution becomes one-of-its-kind small farm automation solution enabling clean milk production in India.

• Single Bucket milking system for small farmers with 10 – 12 cows
• Small 3 x1 full-fledged expandable milking parlours for farmers with 20 – 50 cows
• Medium expandable milking parlours for farmers with 100 cows
• Large expandable milking parlours for larger herd sizes
• Powered by patent-pending Milk Meters for efficient monitoring and preventive health care
• Community Milking Parlours and solutions
• End to end farm setup services (cow comfort infrastructure and housing)
• Farm Layout Design & Modelling (cow shed, milking parlours, labour quarters etc.)
• Consulting for productivity improvement and input cost optimisation
• Bio Gas setup for off-grid farm power
• Farm Management equipment (Hoof trimmers, De-horners, Foot-bath, Groomers, selection, silage, vermicompost, veterinary & para-veterinary services etc.) Anti-kick bar, Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) solutions etc.)

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