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MIMIC® IoT Simulator - MQTT, CoAP, Modbus, HTTP, HTTPS, REST
MIMIC® IoT Simulator - MQTT, CoAP, Modbus, HTTP, HTTPS, REST
MIMIC® IoT Simulator - MQTT, CoAP, Modbus, HTTP, HTTPS, REST
Gambit Communications
The MIMIC IoT Simulator creates a real-world test lab with thousands of IoT sensors and devices. It is a suite of simulators to cover all protocols required by IoT Applications, Middleware, Brokers, Load Balancers and clients. MIMIC allows suppliers of sensors, devices and applications to design, develop and test their applications using secured connections, in a virtual and scalable network environment. Using MIMIC, they can assure their customers that their applications will be able to handle the scales of connections, topics and varieties of messages to work properly when deployed across heterogeneous environments. They can also create variety of benchmarks to show the scalability for sensors, volume of messages and topics.Compatible Protocols: MQTT, CoAP, Modbus, HTTP, HTTPS, RESTTechnical Support:Phone: 603 881 3500Email:• Simulate thousands of Publishers and Subscribers: - Each with their own IP address, Port, Client ID and Authentication - Each Publisher can publish to multiple, unique topics - Each Subscriber can subscribe to multiple, unique topics, including Wildcard topics - Each Publisher can be a Subscriber also.• Connect to Brokers, Load balancers and clients using secured connections using TLS.• Include Authenticated (with User Name/Password) messages for every connections.• Send messages with various QoS levels.• Send messages with various message length, different frequencies or malicious information to test the security.• Configure Connect and Re-Connect as needed.• Simulate faulty sensor network to verify robustness of subscriber application• Monitor the end-to-end delay (latency) for messages going from Publishers to Subscribers through the Broker.

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