Boost in Online Orders and Aftermarket Revenues for Atlas Copco


Boost in Online Orders and Aftermarket Revenues for Atlas Copco

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Printed parts manuals become less and less relevant and useful with time. The static information offered by printed documentation was no longer good enough for a major global player like ACC. ACC needed a solution that would deliver updated versions of documents to their network immediately. The company wanted a dynamic system, which would not only display current inventory levels, but also provide customers with information regarding how products should be used. Atlas Copco Construction’s Needs • Offer customers real-time part and information updates • Provide customers a comprehensive parts lookup and search platform • Administer an eCommerce platform with shopping cart and ERP integration • Produce a multilingual site for parts ordering

Atlas Copco Construction (ACC) is a world-leading manufacturer of construction equipment. ACC manages 116 locations in the U.S., which is its largest single market. The revenues of ACC’s parent company, Atlas Copco, surpassed $12 billion in 2015. Atlas Copco has been in business for more than 140 years. It has sales offices in 90 countries (ranging from the U.S. to South Africa, and from Bolivia to China), and a distributor network covering 90 more. To efficiently serve its geographically dispersed customer base, ACC needed a standardized online portal for ordering parts and supplies.

ACC and Digabit designed a multi-phase project to implement Documoto. ACC had eight different stakeholder organizations, and Digabit worked with each one to accurately incorporate their data. Each business unit felt like a partner in the process. Implementation was time critical, and the technical team faced strict deadlines. Atlas Copco staff, along with Digabit Professional Services, delivered on schedule. During the implementation phase, ACC discovered that it had much more technical content than originally thought. Connecting Documoto to ACC’s existing enterprise systems revealed a storehouse of information that wasn’t previously accessible. Digabit handled the document format conversions, and delivered an error-free database as the foundation of ACC’s new platform. The shopping cart built into Documoto’s Cloud Storefront enabled more robust online parts ordering. Atlas Copco branded the new online shop as Parts Online, a portal for dealers and equipment owners to easily access and order parts anytime, anywhere. Successful global implementation requires not only accurate documentation to support after-sales service, but an interface that users can easily comprehend. The Documoto platform—with its easily-navigated interface translated into 14 languages—allows customers speaking a variety of languages to quickly get the parts that they need.

Product updates, technical information, and pricing of ACC parts
Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
Updated parts information distributed in real-time
64% increase in online sales. Revenues from parts sales increased by 4%

Order processing time reduced by 50-60%

Revenues from parts sales increased by 4%

64% increase in online sales


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