Smart Tractor with Telemetrics to Boost Productivity and Revenue


Smart Tractor with Telemetrics to Boost Productivity and Revenue

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Hello tractor had designed an innovative, low-cost “smart tractor” specifically for small farmers' unique needs. Equipped with various attachments, owners can tailor its use for a variety of crops and stages of the production cycle, allowing them to serve their customers throughout the year. The GPS antenna allows hello tractor to track its usage and gather data on location, market trends, and uptake. Hello Tractor needed an application so that farmers could make use of these features effectively and efficiently.

Hello Tractor is a social enterprise that is improving food and income security by building a network of “Smart Tractor” owners that farmers obtain service from via SMS. This way, small landowners have access to affordable farm machine services to increase their productivity.

RapidValue built the native Android mobile application and an SMS booking platform which will help farmers manage their Smart Tractor. - Provided a remote tracking system enabling owners track machines in real-time along with their location, speed, & odometer reading. - Enabled tractor owners monitor the usage of machines with full visibility into machine activity, revenue generated and send alerts when a machine is not present in its designation location. - Developed a Native Android app and an SMS booking platform. - Built a scalable system to collect data (farmers’ planting times, size of farms etc.), analyze and provide actionable insights like hectares tilled.

Number of hours
Area tilled by tractor
Current location of tractor
Maintenance data of tractors
Cutting Edge (technology has been on the market for < 2 years)
Enabled farmers book smart tractor services and conveniently request, schedule and pay by SMS.
Improved productivity of farmers
Provided security and peace of mind to smart tractor owners through remote monitoring.

Cultivation time reduced from 40 days to few hours.

Reduced cost for a single farmer by $75.

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