Special AGV - China - Axter

Axter AGV

Special AGV - China - Axter
Special AGV - China - Axter
Special AGV - China - Axter

Axter AGV Axter AGV
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The client faces complex material handling due to non-standard load dimensions and weight, increasing safety risks and load handling damages.

The customer is world-leader in manufacturing high-voltage electric cabinets.

Axter delivered a dedicated special stacker forklift with precise and reliable automatic handling abilities.

Axter Supervisor supports operators in production lines providing real-time 'Quality Control' buffering areas' availabilities in order to allocate accordingly the new cargo entry. AGV handle automatically their requests navigating in a tight and narrow environment to reach their final destination efficiently and safely while AGV Control Supervisor updates timely operators.
Mature (technology has been on the market for > 5 years)
Improved internal logistics efficiency
Improved workshops environment safety, reduced loads handling risks

Cost-saving on material handling workforce

Scalability of material handling

ROI 2years

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