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INSYS icom

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Insys icom is the brand name of Insys Microelectronics Gmbh and we are a specialist designer, developer and manufacturer of industrial data communication products.

Industrial data communication is revolutionizing the world economy and INSYS is a driving force in its continuing development. In bridging the communication between machines and systems, the question of physical distance has been removed almost completely. It doesn’t matter whether the sender and receiver are separated by continents or just around the corner. Our customers can act immediately because they have their data at their fingertips. That saves time and money and increases productivity, especially in the areas of remote control, service and maintenance. Distances that were once travelled by individuals can now be covered electronically and virtually without any CO2 emissions. Industrial data communication as we understand it is a green technology. This is our area of expertise where we offer our customers the top performance they deserve.

Insys icom's product range includes standard modems to sophiscated combination modem router switches (MoRoS) all din rail mounted and intended to operate in harsh industrial and remote locations. They provide connections over the PSTN and ISDN telephone networks, ADSL and SDSL services and the cellular network utilising the GSM, GPRS and HSPA (3G) services.

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